Rental Application for 602 North Avenue, Unit 7

Please fill-out and sign for each adult living on the premises.  Thank you.

Applicant Information


DOB:    SSN:



Current Address:

Do you have pets?

If yes, please describe all pets residing on the premise:

Do you smoke? 


Rental  History

Do you currently:

What is your current monthly housing payment?   

How long have you lived at this address?   

Who is your current landlord?   

May we contact your current landlord?

Current landlord’s phone number:  

Current landlord’s email address:  

Have you ever been evicted for any reason?

Have you ever been late or delinquent on rent?

If yes to either of the above, please explain:   

Employment Information

Current Employer:

Employer Address:

Employer Phone:

How long have you worked there?


Annual Income:


Reference One



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Reference Two



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I authorize the verification of the information provided on this form, including but not limited to a credit check. I have received a copy of this application.



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